What we do

HaynesPro is dedicated to the automotive industry. We have developed and built two comprehensive professional technical databases. The WorkshopData database contains technical data for cars, Light Commercial Vehicles and heavy trucks.

Technical data

Our passenger car database contains technical information on all current European and Asian cars and light commercial vehicles available on the European market. HaynesPro TruckData™ includes maintenance and repair data for heavy trucks.

Our data contains many graphics (drawings, photographs and diagrams) tables and smart linking options, for quick access to vital data and easier use. Text is mainly used to support graphics and is fully standardized.

HaynesPro is market leader in online technical data in Europe. Most major distributors in the aftermarket use one or more HaynesPro products.

HaynesPro’s information products

Technical data is our main product, but that’s not where it ends. You also need smart tools to access the data. HaynesPro has invested a lot of time and effort to develop our well-known Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) for our standard products.

"Thousands of satisfied customers have praised the user-friendly interface of HaynesPro WorkshopData ATI™ and HaynesPro TruckData™"

Integration through web services

HaynesPro were the first in offering our complete databases through web services. Our aim is to offer a software solution that is easy and intuitive, either stand-alone or integrated in your existing products.

The HaynesPro Product Range

Presently - together with our partners - we develop and distribute the following products:

  • Technical Data for passenger cars, LCV´s and heavy trucks by web services
  • HaynesPro WorkshopData ATI™
  • HaynesPro TruckData™
  • HaynesPro SmartFIX™ - Technical service bulletins & recalls
  • HaynesPro SmartCASE™ - Verified Tips & Tricks from the professionals
  • HaynesPro ProFIT™ - OnLine fitting instructions
  • HaynesPro WallCharts™ - Visible Profile in the Professional Workshop
  • HaynesPro Workshop Organiser™ - Estimate management tool

We have partnerships with the major parts catalogue providers, offering an integrated solution for the workshops.

An overview of our full product range is available for download: HaynesPro Technical Information Products.