Web services

All our data modules are available via web services, an internet protocol that offers almost limitless scope for data exchange.

Web services give you complete freedom to integrate our data in your portal, website or online application, while retaining your existing interface and corporate branding. How much data you include is entirely up to you. Many parts suppliers have, for example, enriched their catalogues with information on service intervals and repair times. Similarly, manufacturers of diagnostic equipment and test tools have used web services to enhance the functionality of their own systems.

If your business strategy includes e-commerce, our technical data can help to unlock the commercial potential of your portal, website or online application.

Our web services solutions incorporate all functionality found in our stand-alone products, including links to generic articles and smart links.

Web services

As HaynesPro was the first data provider in the automotive sector to make its products available via web services, we have meanwhile accumulated unparalleled experience and expertise. Skills that we would happily place at your disposal.


  • Option to integrate part or all of our data with your system;
  • Complete freedom of design and layout;
  • Includes the same linking options and solutions which are available in our standard applications.

For details on how to get 'LINKED', please get in touch with our Sales Department: sales@haynespro.com or contact our head office on +31 35 603 6270.