HaynesPro WorkshopData ATI™ and HaynesPro TruckData™ - our core products - were developed to offer end-users a standard product for quick data retrieval. As a consequence, both combine intelligent navigation with a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

HaynesPro Workshop Organiser™ is a simple yet highly effective tool for generating and managing cost estimates and work orders. It will even create a list of spare parts for you – all it takes is a few mouse-clicks. The optional planning and customer modules offer even greater flexibility and control.

Using web services, Workshop Organiser™ can be linked to any VRM lookup system, parts catalogue or ERP system, making it the perfect tool for vehicle leasing and rental companies.

White label

The white label versions of HaynesPro WorkshopData ATI™ and HaynesPro TruckData™ allow you to apply your own house style or brand attributes to our database, creating your own look & feel. The result is a unique database that boosts sales as well as customer loyalty.

Licence management

HaynesPro WorkshopData ATI™ and HaynesPro TruckData™ are extended under a licence agreement. Our licences are issued via HaynesPro Online Licence Tracker (VOLT). All licensees are assigned a VOLT account, allowing them to access and manage their licence(s).

Should you prefer to manage your licence(s) or customer data via your own application, you can use VOLT web services, which offers the same functionality.


  • Ready to use;
  • White label (optional);
  • Free use of VOLT licence management system;
  • User-friendly interface and intelligent navigation;
  • Standard links to an external parts catalogue or diagnostic tool;
  • Comprehensive technical database.

Further information on the unique benefits of our stand-alone products is included in our Product information.

For details on how to get 'LINKED', please get in touch with our Sales Department: or contact our head office on +31 35 603 6270.