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HaynesPro's VESA™ step-by-step component diagnostics - Seamless integration with the crowd-funded Mooshimeter Bluetooth multimeter

At Automechanika 2014, HaynesPro will present the next step in the effortless integration of tools with automotive technical information. HaynesPro is the leading European provider of technical data via web services. With its VESA™ module, which uses clear visuals, HaynesPro is the only company offering a step-by-step diagnostic path for checking electronic components. The ideal diagnostic path is initially determined by inputting one or more fault codes. Based on the measurements found, the diagnostic process is continually refined until the faulty component is identified. With the latest Bluetooth multimeters, such as the crowd-funded Mooshimeter, information is no longer displayed on the multimeter itself, but is integrated into the HaynesPro's software. The benefits are clear. Firstly, the mechanic now only has to look at one screen. Secondly, the software now compares the measured value with the reference value; the mechanic no longer has to do this. Thirdly, if the measurement suggests a faulty electronic component, this is signaled. If the measurement reveals no fault, the next diagnostic step is automatically presented. No manual software input is required.

HaynesPro's goal is to make complex diagnostics simple. The end result is increased efficiency in the workshop. Normal workshop procedures are simplified and time saved. It is a viable and time-saving alternative to the 'trial and error' method of identifying the correct part by ordering several parts and replacing them one-by-one. Professional workshops can maximise efficiency by using VESA™, to guide both the experienced and novice technician to the quickest solution, at the lowest possible cost.

HaynesPro's VESA™ Proof of Concept can coordinate with Mooshimeter's crowd-funded Bluetooth multimeter. Mooshimeter's makers have utilised Dragon Innovation, the specialist hardware crowd-funding platform, to raise funds to market the device. As the $110,639 raised was more than double the target, initial shipment will begin in October 2014. HaynesPro immediately recognized the benefits of integrating the multimeter's output into its software and will display a working model of the Proof of Concept at Automechanika 2014, in Hall 9.1, Stand F32. Caption: "Using a multimeter, HaynesPro's VESA™ software guides the technician step-by-step through a diagnosis of all the electronic components related to a set of fault codes. The Proof of Concept, with crowd-funded Mooshimeter Bluetooth multimeter, offers new benefits."

About HaynesPro

HaynesPro is the European market leader in online technical data for the automotive aftermarket. Since 1995, the company has been supplying workshops with its multilingual database containing information about maintenance, repairs, diagnostics and other essential technical data for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, and trucks. HaynesPro currently has over forty thousand users throughout Europe. The technical information is supplied to, amongst others, leading independent parts distributors in the aftermarket and suppliers of diagnostic equipment. Additional information can be found at: www.haynespro.com.

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