Our portal-to-portal solution consists of a quick and simple link between your portal site and our technical data. Once a registered user has logged in to your site, he or she will automatically be able to access the online versions of HaynesPro WorkshopData ATI™ or HaynesPro TruckData™.

How does it work?

In practice, user rights are managed and controlled in a highly secure environment using registration web services. Any user registered in our VOLT system will automatically be logged in.

Web services can also be used to exchange customer information, or to specify user preferences, variable data, vehicle types or data categories (hourly labour rates, for example). All without the end-user noticing.


  • No additional login screens – single-click access;
  • Licence and user data is managed in VOLT (online or by web services);
  • Implementation usually takes less than two days;
  • Option to switch to HaynesPro stand-alone applications with preselected criteria.

For details on how to get 'LINKED', please get in touch with our Sales Department: sales@haynespro.com or contact our head office on +31 35 603 6270.