Introducing HaynesPro ProFIT

High-quality parts and first-rate instruction manuals complement each other. HaynesPro ProFIT, the latest addition to our line of products, allows parts manufacturers to provide on-line installation instructions for their components on a comprehensive range of platforms including Tablets, PCs and Smart phones.

From an identifier, such as a scanned QR or bar code, users will be guided automatically to the relevant instruction manual. We can provide a customized environment with vehicle-specific, detailed and up-to-date fitting instructions in 23 languages.

HaynesPro ProFIT provides an alternative solution for regions where parts catalogues with fully integrated technical data sets are not yet widely used. It also helps parts manufacturers to reduce their CO2 footprint; fitting manuals can now be provided in an on-line format, eliminating the need to print various language versions of individual instruction manuals, which are typically generic rather than vehicle-specific.


  • Available for timing belts and chains, clutches, batteries, brake parts, and more.
  • Presentation in your own house style/corporate colours.
  • Task optimization using QR codes.
  • Vehicle-specific instructions, available in 23 languages.
  • Optional integration of marketing messages.
  • Regular updates.