HaynesPro keeps on trucking…

During the next production cycle, HaynesPro will be further developing its second flagship product, HaynesPro TruckData™.

Although not really noticeable to the end user, the HaynesPro TruckData database has undergone some major changes in the last six months. We have merged the two separate databases which form the basis of HaynesPro WorkshopData ATI™ and HaynesPro TruckData ATI™ into one single database!

Why did we decide to do this? Numerous reasons, some of which were IT-related, facilitating the creation of an improved database structure, while others related to data entry and our dual goals of providing additional linking options plus easier integration with other online applications such as parts catalogues. The main reason, however, and the most important from the end user point of view, was to allow us to provide faster introduction of new topics already available in WorkshopData.

From a single database to a single application

With the decision to merge the database, came the wish to merge both applications. From 2014 HaynesPro TruckData will no longer have a separate login, but will be completely integrated into our current WorkshopData application

From now on, the database will be referred to as HaynesPro WorkshopData. The application allows us to create a wide range of specific products by filtering on related content. Think not only of WorkshopData | Car Edition or WorkshopData | Truck Edition, but also WorkshopData | LCV edition. More information on this topic will be available later.

New features & Improvements

As a result of the database merge:

  • Model images have been added to the type selection page.
  • Transfer Box data is now shown under Transmission.
  • Steering’ has been renamed to ‘Steering and Suspension’.
  • A marked improvement in retrieving and displaying data; the pages load much faster.
  • Introduction of Recalls for Trucks