Fault codes review

Over the past 2 years, HaynesPro has been carrying out a massive and ambitious project to review all the fault codes currently in our database. In the first stage of the project, we checked the codes, updated them where necessary, and converted them to standard codes worded and formatted to facilitate translation. As a result we now offer the fault code descriptions in all 23 WorkshopData languages.

In the second stage of the project, we linked all the checked fault codes to the vehicle-specific diagnostic steps already available in VESA. By doing this, we provided the means for the technician to follow a suggested diagnostic pathway and correctly identify the fault which caused a specific fault code to be generated.

During the coming year a major update is planned for the manufacturers’ codes; this will significantly increase our overall fault code coverage.

New topics

Scope traces

To provide further assistance for electronic fault diagnosis, we have begun to include scope traces in our data. These are generic images which aid fault recognition for most actuators and sensors. In addition to voltage, we also provide current traces when these would be useful for making an accurate diagnosis.

EPS (Electronic Power Steering)

Electronic Power Steering is next on the list of systems which will be added to VESA. This new topic will form another link in the chain of drive train data, following on from Engine Management, ABS and ESP. From this quarter onwards we will be collating and inputting this information. Due to the increasingly widespread use of Electronic Power Steering, we anticipate a high demand for this data.