A closer look at our Translations department

HaynesPro is lucky to have a multinational and diverse translation team - six translators with eight mother tongues between them! The quality of our translations and the number of languages covered in our multilingual database is one of HaynesPro’s unique selling points.

The team is impressively multilingual, each translator being able to translate in a minimum of three languages. Managed by Bea Horváth, (Hungarian, German, Finnish, Polish, Bulgarian), the team consists of Marga Bakker (Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Greek, Turkish), Sander Pols (Dutch, English, Swedish, Danish), Mara Binchiciu (Romanian, Norwegian, Italian, French), Svjetlana Palkovic (Serbian, Croatian, Slovene), and Martin Strych (Czech, Slovakian, Russian).

Project management

The Translation team’s remit extends far beyond basic translation. Working to tight deadlines, the translators process all new and amended text, using sophisticated translation tools to reference a huge database of unique translations built up over the past 15 years. Anything which cannot be translated in-house is sent to external translators. The team carefully checks the resulting text for accuracy and consistency, sending it back for amendment when required. No text is seen by our end users until our translators are satisfied. Feedback from our customers is welcomed and taken into consideration for future translations.

Information is a two-way street. To ensure correct translations, our translators discuss any language issues with editors and technical authors, advising them when particular wording may cause translation issues. If necessary the text is adapted or standardised. As the quality of the original OE documentation varies greatly, it can take the combined talents of authors, editors and translators to produce a technically accurate and translatable piece of text.

The highly-skilled HaynesPro translation team delivers technical data, promotional literature and other texts quickly and competently in twenty-three languages, an achievement which can be summed up in two words from our main database language: Excellent job!