Diagnostic tools

HaynesPro’s electronic data offers significant benefits to manufacturers and users of test and diagnostic equipment. It starts with the actual values and fault codes measured by the equipment and progresses to a full analysis and fault diagnosis.

Diagnostic toolsMost specialist tools are able to retrieve vehicle data quickly and accurately. The mechanic is subsequently presented with one or more fault codes. Unfortunately you cannot resolve a malfunction on the basis of a fault code and description alone.

This is where VESA comes into its own: using the fault code as a starting point, VESA generates type-specific diagnostic solutions. What’s more, the fault is used to define the most logical diagnostic path. By selecting either a fault code or a component, the user launches a simple, step-by-step wizard that takes him through the overall diagnostic process.


  • Intelligent links to diagnostic testing equipment at system and fault code level;
  • Clear instructions on how to measure values and compare these to default values (diagnostic steps);
  • Local diagrams for each component, showing relevant information only;
  • Components are processed in a logical order - the most likely culprit is shown first;
  • Standard link(s) to TecDoc generic parts numbers (for data export to parts catalogue or ordering system)

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