Catalogue solutions

If you’re a parts distributor, your database and ordering system form the heart of your operations. Experience has shown that the inclusion of our technical data in parts catalogues boosts turnover, not least because our drawings and manuals contain links to generic part numbers.

Although most online catalogues offer at least maintenance and repair data, additional modules are available on request.

As you might expect, our data complies with the TecDoc identification standard. As a consequence, it can easily be included in any catalogue that uses this standard. Should your data structure be different, we can, of course, create an alternative web services solution for you. Our ongoing partnership with leading catalogue providers has allowed us to develop a comprehensive range of solutions covering every type of catalogue.


  • Default link to TecDoc generic article numbers;
  • All principal data categories are linked to generic part codes;
  • HaynesPro offers unparalleled data integration expertise;
  • Ability to add advertising banners promoting specific parts (including a link to the online catalogue);
  • Value-added reporting;
  • HaynesPro Organiser™ generates quick estimates on the basis of intelligent links between data, repair times and parts.

For details on how to get 'LINKED', please get in touch with our Sales Department: or contact our head office on +31 35 603 6270.